Why is SEO so Important for a business

Website is like a visiting card, the most beautifully designed card can not benefit anyone if it is left in the drawer. Similarly, website has to be found. Then only a business can benefit from a website. There are two ways a website can be found: 1: Paid and 2: Organic. Paid options are Google Ads, Social Ads, local listings, etc. Organic is SEO. SEO does not cost a single dollar to be paid to Google or Social Channels. Below is a chart of what a business expect to pay for 100 clicks to their website:

Channel Clicks Cost
Google Ads 100 $200
Facebook Ads 100 $150
Instagram Ads 100 $75

Now, once you know what to expect to pay, things become more complicated. As the quality of clicks is important as well. The graph changes when you put “conversions” in prospective. Google Ads has higher conversion rate in general, as people are searching for your product and clicking, whereas in Social channels they are not searching for anything. Below graph will amend the story.

Channel Clicks Cost Conversions
Google Ads 100 $200 20%
Facebook Ads 100 $150 5%
Instagram Ads 100 $75 1%

And when everything is tied up with Return on Investment. The equation is completely opposite.

Channel Clicks Cost Conversions ROI
Google Ads 100 $200 20% $1000
Facebook Ads 100 $150 5% $250
Instagram Ads 100 $75 1% $50

Google Ads Spend is $200 and Return is $1000, giving you $800 of Profit. On the other hand, Instagram Spend is $75 and Return is $50.

Interesting Fact: I was working for a franchise company, their clicks were 10 times higher in Facebook compared to Google, But, Google’s Conversion Rate was 10 times higher than Facebook, which made Google the winner even though Facebook gave them more clicks.

What is the Value of SEO

If, 100 Clicks in Google Ads cost $200. which means a business has to spend $200 every time to get that traffic. SEO is different. There is no pay per click metric. All the clicks are free and un-metered. You pay the SEO Professionals one-time and you can enjoy the webs traffic for months and some times years. So how much does SEO cost: In New Zealand the cost ranges from $250 to $1800 a month [ Low to Medium Competition Keywords ], Usually requires 4 – 6 payments. So now SEO in the Chart will change the game.

Channel Clicks Cost Conversions ROI
Google Ads 100 $200 20% $1000
Facebook Ads 100 $150 5% $250
Instagram Ads 100 $75 1% $50
SEO 2000+ $750 20% $2500

The potential of SEO is huge. Once a business is on the first page of Google they enjoy FREE Traffic for Months and sometimes Years. A Jeweller Business we optimised the website, are still on Page 1 of Google, even after 3 Years. all they paid us was $750+gst back then.

We stand by our promises, and guarantee the results. If we are not able to achieve the results we guarantee 100% refund. Be assured that we will get you results, we live SEO day and night. We use the most reliable software to analyse and measure performance.

There are other companies who gives guarantee, but they say 100% guaranteed results. It is different with us, we say Refund if no results.

SEO Guarantee