Before we discuss about why SEO is important for your business, what impact can Search Engine Optimisation can have on your business and how much does SEO cost, we have to know what is SEO.

SEO is a procedure of getting the website inline with keywords which people are searching for when they are searching for your business your service. There are two main aspects of SEO, On-SIte and Off-Site. On-Site SEO consists of the changes to be done on the website and off-Site are the links to your website. Both the aspects are equally important.

But, more important is “Relevance”. Suppose a website is covering all the aspects SEO, people are coming to the website, but they are bouncing back because the website is not relevant to what they are searching for. This bounce back will trigger Google Algorithm that the website is not “Relevant”, and they will outrank the website with some relevant websites.