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November 2016, when Ben and Violet contacted us to work on their Ben's Piano SEO campaign to help increase their website traffic and organic leads. By February 2017, the website started getting organic traffic which converted in a whopping 200% increase in jobs that year, they still rank on Google's first page, even after two years.
BEN's PIANO - Google Rank as on 23/01/2019 [17:03 Hours]


The only company to offer MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for Search Engine Optimisation


keyword research up-front is a crucial part of great content. It is the foundation for Search Engine Optimisation. It is not just how many people searching for a product or service, it is finding the right balance between searches and competition. We get you found on highest searched at the lowest competitive keywords.


Once you have your keyword list ready, it is time to write some great content. Google has laid some rules that eliminate bad content from its search. To name a few: Keyword stuffing is an absolute no go, If you have more keywords than required in your piece of content, Google will not show your content in its search results. , Google looks for freshness of the content, it is a good idea to create new content or edit the existing ones as often as possible to get higher in serps.


Great content needs visitors to look at it. If you have great content without anyone linking to it is a complete waste of time and money. Linking is the hardest and lengthiest part of SEO strategy, and alike any other hard work it pays off. Backlinking can be done in many ways, and requires a data like: domain rating, domain difficulty and so on.. Read on the end of this page how we turned around a [nearly penalised] campaign to long term profit making machine.


If one wants to be successful online he has to have a strong local impression. Google has one goal: to rank sites that users love the most at the top. Local reviews, Local back links and local voices are high ranking indicators for Google. Read Below how we managed to get a Restaurant”s lunch hour even more busier.


20% of internet users used voice search in 2018, which will increase to 50% in 2020 according to ComScore data. Take this as an opportunity to get voice ready before your competitors do it. Expect algorithms to be more complex in the coming year with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assist. Every website will have to adapt to Google’s structured snippet which allows voice to find a website fast.

SEO MYTHS - Resolved


Many businesses think SEO is very expensive even though it is meant to be free

The straight answer is Yes, it is an expensive affair as it involves hours of keyword research, content strategy, good linking structure, landing pages, and constant measurement.

BUT, when you consider it in a long run, it will keep on fetching new leads without paying a cent which brings your lifetime engagement investment much less compared to Google Paid Ads, Social Ads, Door Knocking Marketing, etc.
We have worked for an Auckland Jeweller, they wanted get online leads from Google Paid ads and SEO. We started with Google Pad Ads assigning a decent budget and then optimised the website for organic results.

The paid Google Ads brought them instant enquiries to get the ball rolling and the optimisation of the website is fetching them organic free of cost traffic and leads. It is still in the #1 position even after two and half years. They key benefit is that they identified low hanging conversions in services like "Gold Valuation" and "Jewellery Valuation" keywords.
Digital Marketing for Jewellers

Some businessman feel, it takes a hell lot of time to get the website on the first page

Correct, SEO is a constantly evolving strategy. As human behaviour is changing more frequently, new updates are implemented by Google every second day. For instance, according to Google, in 2018, nearly 2 out 5 users used "voice to search" and according to ComScore - 2020 will see 50% users searching via voice commands.

Websites should be ready for "Voice Search" by now, if not, 35% of local Audience which connects via "Voice Search" won't be able to see your website in Google.

The good news is that the competition on "Voice Search" is deemed to be less as not all businesses are ready with "Voice Search" and after all this hard work, SEO still remains cheap and gets more relevant clicks as compared to any other marketing channels.
We are working for a Kiwi Multinational Franchise Group, they spend thousands of dollars a month on Google and Facebook Ads. They approached us for SEO, Renovation industry is ideally based on inbound marketing rather than outbound paid ads.

The scope of services in "Renovation Industry" is endless from “kitchen, bathroom, extensions,open plans, loft, reclad, warm up, outdoors, etc”. Our first approach was to research which service is highly searched for, and then we went upwards to services less searched. As content strategy was in pivotal position, we created strategy based on "Case Studies [work they completed], Local Keywords [Home Automation in Waitakere], Cost Estimates [How much does a low budget kitchen cost?] and Services Offered [Kitchen Renovators in Wellington]".

As per the strategy the results showed some awesome findings, Site visitors loved the "Cost Estimate Section" and the "Case Study Section", which clearly paved us the direction to strategise for higher conversion rate.
Digital Marketing for Service Providers

What will WNB do differently?

We will take an honest approach, no false promises and no unrealistic deadlines. We will deliver results as we have done for some NZ Businesses. The main point of difference is our experience in the industry. High SEO results, demands experience based techniques, and not "hit and miss" efforts.

We work in background for some Big Names in NZ Digital Marketing spectrum, We deliver the same efficiency as them at a fraction of what they charge, We got the expertise to keep the quality and integrity intact at reduced cost.

Just in case, if we are not able to deliver the results, we will refund all your money spent from day one.
The only company to offer MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on SEO

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