Optimizing your website isn’t just about entering a meta description, or a focus keyphrase. At Websites and Beyond, we strongly believe in a holistic SEO approach. We work on the whole package. your content, your site structure, your security, and so on. And not to forget: The images on your website needs optimizing too! We very much encourage images to help bring your articles to life. And if images can contribute to your website’s rankings, why wouldn’t we. A holistic approach to SEO is what is needed to bring the website rank higher up in the search results. Insert your URL below and we will send you the whole picture. You will be able to see where exactly you got to start working. SEO is a procedure of getting the website inline with keywords which people are searching for when they are searching for your business your service. There are two main aspects of SEO, On-SIte and Off-Site. On-Site SEO consists of the changes to be done on the website and off-Site are the links to your website. Both aspects are equally important. But, more important is “Relevance”. Suppose a website is covering all the aspects of SEO, people are coming to the website, but they are bouncing back because the website is not relevant to what they are searching for. This bounce-back will trigger Google Algorithm that the website is not “Relevant”, and they will outrank the website with some relevant websites.

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Paid advertising, social media, email marketing can generate heaps of traffic, but majority of the traffic in New Zealand is driven by organic clicks. Since organic searches cover most of Google’s digital ….

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real estate appear more legit to searchers. For instance, of all NZ searches, only 2.8% searchers click on paid ads, according to MOZ. Search Engine Optimisation has 20X more traffic opportunities than paid ads, whether it is mobile traffic or desktop traffic. SEO is an online marketing channel which can pay dividends over time and again, whereas other channels require continuous funding to get website traffic. Google and other search engines are getting smarter by the day, and they are continuously learning about human behaviour, they need our help. SEO of your website will help Google discover your website and index it in their search results.


The last thing you want to hear is “it depends” when you ask the agency “how much will SEO cost”. It is frustrating to hear it, but the fact is, depending on numerous factors SEO cost can vary quite a bit. There are too many price points ….

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to be realized to get an accurate scope of work. As per the research carried out by MOZ, the cost of SEO can vary from $25 an hour to more than $20,000 a month. The price range that broad does not help anyone to understand the real cost of SEO. We have listed a fair price of $250 / Month which covers all the aspects of SEO as per Google Specifications.


In General, Websites can see results in 4 – 6 months, and it grows over time like a snow ball. In saying that no two websites are same, some websites with 10 pages can show up faster than 1000’s of a product based Magento store.

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It is a general understanding that SEO is from point A to Point B. It is not the case, Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process, where it gets higher with efficient inputs. To rank higher in search engines, you need to outrank the existing results. Hence the time is taken to rank higher by SEO also depends on the competition of the industry.


With so many factors, price points and timelines, it is hard to decide where to start from. Shortlist small, medium and big agencies and get quotes from them. Compare Apples by Apples to come to a conclusion

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Websites and Beyond has taken over and really exceeded my own expectations. I have tried the top most agencies in Auckland and was tired of jumping agencies, until I found them. if they won’t deliver I wouldn’t be with them for so long.

Vick Sharma


They’ve made the process really easy to understand – all the different components of marketing online, and the products provided have been of value to us


Director, PORSE

We’ve had great success with wnb over a period of time, ever since we first started, every year it just gets better and better. They are easy to deal with. Recommend them heaps.  Thanks. 


Founder, LORDS

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