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SEO Analysis

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Seo Report for Free

SEO Analysis - FREE

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We will send you a detailed SEO Report for your website,
FREE of cost and NO obligations.

Search engine Analysis for small and medium businesses is offered free of cost. In this Free Search Engine Analysis. We will provide your website in a nutshell as well as in-depth Site Analysis.

Site Analysis

What to Expect in this Analysis?

1: SEO Score – We give an overall score to every website out of 100. This will make you understand how is you r website health and areas of improvement. This score is based on the number of healthy seo pages, broken links, seo issues. The number of redirects, blocked pages, title tags, meta tags, website load time and web page loading issues and seo metrics. Create an SEO Report free of cost.

2: Position Tracking – Each website gets a visibility number which indicates your website against your competitor. Your average position and estimated traffic compared to your competitors SEO Reports. This is a wealth of important SEO metrics.

3: Backlink Audit – Backlinks are great but toxic backlinks can do permanent damage. It diversely effects the search ranking. Know exactly the links you get and target the links which your competitors are getting. Use our competitor analysis report

4: On-Page SEO Check – Based on the traffic to a given page, we will give you in-depth
page list to optimise. Provide back-link opportunities and technical
search engine ranking ideas for each page. There are multiple website seo checker online. They all give machine generated reports and usually they do not extract local NZ data . We will manually see your targeted keywords, your website goals and then create a practical seo report.

Seo Anallysed

SEO Consultant

It is no secret that thousands of NZ based websites and businesses are focusing on the same keyword and seo metric on search engines. Because of the small market it becomes very difficult for small business owners to compete against the big players when it comes to win the search engine rank. Unless you have a big marketing budget to spend on Google ads you are struggling to have decent traffic to your website.

Websites and Beyond has the capacity to dig out those small gaps the bigger players leave and benefit your business from that gap. We will give you the power to know exactly why your competitor is getting the traffic from, and target the same audience.

Why is our SEO Analysis Free?

We use SEO Softwares to detect website problems. From basic on-site issues to complex server errors. These softwares are expensive if you are using for only one website, we use it for all our existing clients, and they do not charge us extra if we check your website. Hence, we pass on the benefit to you and offer “Seo Analysis Free of cost”

How much does a Site Audit normally cost?

If this report is to be charged, it would cost you anywhere between $300 to $500, based on the company you approach. It requires two to three hours of manual work. Understanding the business, focus keywords and dig out competitors.

Is there a Guarantee for SEO Results?

YEP, 100% refund guaranteed, if we can not rank your website on the first page of Google. There’s a vast difference when other companies say “100% Guarantee Results” VS “100% REFUND Guarantee”. Other companies say, they will keep on working on the project until they achieve the results, it may take 1 month, 3 months, a year or may be never, as they have forgotten you and moved to get another client. We say If we don’t get the results we will give 100% Refund.

SEO Companies generally say “100% Guaranteed” but when you read the fine lines, they will say that if they are not able to get the results, they will keep on working untill they get the results. Those results could take maybe 3 months, 6 months or never, as they have dumped you and fooled someone else.

We Say ” 100% Money Back Guarantee” – We will give you exact time frame and the exact keywords we will rank, if we are not able to get you on the first page with those keywords and in that time stated, we will refund 100% of your money.

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SEO Checker

There are thousands of SEO Checker in the market. Majority of those websites are machine generated and does not provide NZ Data, which makes their check unusable to NZ Businesses. We at WNB, manually feed all the pages, see how Google sees you website, Identify gaps and then provide you the report. It is different.

SEO Checker makes money out of the Ads you see on their page, they are not intended to help your SEO Ranking. The only goal they have is to make you sit on their website for more than “30 seconds”, If you have noticed, they always show as “Please do not navigate, Your website is being analysed”

For Example: if you run an “” through a generic site checker they will make you wait for more than 30 seconds and then analyse your website against The US Traffic and The US Competitors. Which does not benefit your business.

We use NZ Database and Genuinely want to show the errors and warnings on your website, so that you can get some value out of your time while being on our website.