MedTech Kiosk

Websites and Beyond are delighted to announce the launch of their Kiosk which seamlessly integrates into Medtech 32 and Evolution for arriving patients for appointments, updating patient details, smoking status, ACC 45, etc.

WNB Kiosk is platform agnostic which means you can run it on iPad, Android Tablet, Standing Kiosk, Phones, or any device that has a browser. Patients can launch the kiosk on their phone for self-check-in by simply scanning a QR code.

WNB kiosk is lightweight and does not require any special hardware.

WNB kiosk can be customised to meet your practice branding and style guide requirements. Kiosk features and workflow can be easily changed to meet your unique practice requirements.

WNB kiosk ticks all security and privacy requirements. No data is stored in Kiosk and all transactions are performed in real-time over a secure channel with your practice database. Our application is security tested and constantly reviewed by security experts.


WNB kiosk is feature-rich and the only kiosk currently in the market to offer the following features: –

  • Multi-Lingual
  • Appointment Check-in
  • Walk-in
  • Patient Contact details update
  • Smoking Status
  • Device Agnostic
  • Advertisements

With direct integration into Evolution and Medtech32, practice staff can see updates in real time.

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No Obligation Demo

Appointment Check-in’s

Appointment check-ins are very simple on the WNB kiosk. Patients only enter first name, last name and date of birth to check in for their appointment.


For patients without appointment, they can join the walk-in queue. Walk-in patients are added to the queue in Medtech32 and Evolution.

Patient Details

Patients that are successfully checked-in can update their contact details if they have changed. Or click next to complete check-in. Patient updates are kept in the holding bay in PMS for receptionist review before and after approval. The patient register will only be updated after approval.

Smoking Status

You can also ask the patient to update their smoking status based on programs run by your local PHO. Information entered here is saved against the patient’s daily record.

Benefits of WNB Kiosk

  • Low cost of deployment and operation (No special hardware required)
  • Seamless integration into Medtech 32 and Evolution
  • Realtime
  • Save front desk and nurse triaging time
  • Caters to a wider cultural audience
  • Reasonable fee structure
  • Up and running within 90 minutes
  • Customise to your practice branding
  • Promote your services through advertisements
  • Customisable workflows
  • Safe and secure
  • Robus roadmap
  • New Zealand Owned and Operated

Websites and Beyond has taken over and really exceeded my own expectations. I have tried the top most agencies in Auckland and was tired of jumping agencies, until I found them. if they won’t deliver I wouldn’t be with them for so long.

Vick Sharma


They’ve made the process really easy to understand – all the different components of marketing online, and the products provided have been of value to us


Director, PORSE

We’ve had great success with wnb over a period of time, ever since we first started, every year it just gets better and better. They are easy to deal with. Recommend them heaps.  Thanks. 


Founder, LORDS

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