Google Advertising is important for every business. All businesses needs to be on Google Search Engine in today’s modern AI World. People have changed their buying habits. They are relying more on search engines than ever before.

Google has different models of advertisements, falling in two main categories Organic Search and Paid Advertisements. Google’s Paid Ads is the only way and advertiser can start acquiring customers straight away, as it can be optimised to reach the people asking for. It is widely known as the pull market. Formerly known as Google Adwords, the algorithm of matching a query with the product is extremely complex. Google does it fast and the most efficient around the world.

Google has three main diversions in Paid Advertisements, Google Text Ads, Google Image Ads and Youtube Video Ads. All these three categories are run on a bidding system. It calculates the competition, relevance and performance of the landing page to call it a Quality Score of the Ad. An ad quality decides how much an advertiser pays to Google on each click. Millions of websites around the globe try and get the best possible ad. Now this system has become even more complex as Human Behaviour is added as one of the Quality Score factor. Bounce Rate Metric is considered to be one of the most important ranking factor this year. Fix a Bounce Rate requires the advertiser to fix everything from the very basics..


Formerly known as Gooogle Adwords is an advertising system where companies bids to appear in SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). The entire system works on keywords, the words you want to show your ad for, in Google Search Page. Advertisers pay Google to show above the organic results.


Show your Ads to specific groups of people as they visit Trademe, NZ Herald or buying their favourite dress online, possibilities are endless. We connect your business to people’s interest, habits and even when they are in the market for similar product or service.


One step forward than display ads, we can show your search & display ads to people who previously visited your website or interacted with your business and tailor your message dynamically for them. Chances of re-engaging a customer are higher than acquiring new customers.


eCommerce Based Ads, also known as Product Listing Ads. They are shown on Google Search Pages. Important Channel for Kiwi retailers if they are selling goods online. From Feb 2020 Shopping Ads will be also shown in Gmail Inbox, which will increase its reach and increase conversions.


Video Ads are featured in YouTube and across the web. Youtube is recognised as next Google Search as more people are inclined to see a video rather than read through an article. Display Ads can be also featured as video ads. Since Nov 2019 Google has opened opportunities to show video ads on TV.


Get $100 Google Ads Credit when you spend $25 with us on Google. You can use the credit to appear on Google Search, Display, Shopping and Video Ads. Think how many leads and sales you can generate being on the first page of Google. Get Started today with us.

Websites and Beyond has taken over and really exceeded my own expectations. I have tried the top most agencies in Auckland and was tired of jumping agencies, until I found them. if they won’t deliver I wouldn’t be with them for so long.

Vick Sharma


They’ve made the process really easy to understand – all the different components of marketing online, and the products provided have been of value to us


Director, PORSE

We’ve had great success with wnb over a period of time, ever since we first started, every year it just gets better and better. They are easy to deal with. Recommend them heaps.  Thanks. 


Founder, LORDS

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